Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair

Giant Illustration at Anarchist Book Fair, 03.31.2012 Huge illustration of "The True Cost of Coal" by Beehive Collection, on display at the Anarchist Book Fair in Golden Gate Park.Saturday afternoon I had fun revisiting the Anarchist Book Fair at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park. The event was crowded, & most attendees wore black & some sort of piercing. Anarchists obviously love paper. Every surface was covered with hand-outs, pamphlets, zines, posters & books. Titles like Abolish Restaurants are hard to ignore. I should have guessed that there is a SteamPunk Magazine. I opened an issue at random to an article called "How to Make Laudanum."

I was impressed by the format of Work, a book combining text, full page images & a poster. When I complained that I couldn't find the author's name, a representative of its publisher explained that ideas are more important than authors. Several exhibitors came from outside the Bay Area. The informative rep from ThoughtCrime Ink traveled from Canada to be here.

I enjoyed coming across Korrupt Label again, among the squatters outside the hall. It's not clear who is stalking whom. The true anarchists among the vendors never ask you to pay a specific price for their goods, because that would be coercion.

§ 2012 Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair
Saturday March 31 & Sunday April 1
SF County Fair Building (Hall of Flowers) , Golden Gate Park

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