Sunday, March 15, 2009

Anarchist Book Fair

Anarchist Book FairOn this cold Saturday afternoon I made a brief pass through the Anarchist Book Fair. It takes place in the County Fair Building next to the entrance of the Arboretum in Golden Gate Park. Whatever this is, it's a well-attended event. I was jostled frequently just trying to make my way around. There was a big bicycle parking lot, lots of young people in black, lots of piercings, a few old hippies. The baby boomers & generation X did not seem well-represented, though. The event was so large that it spilled out into the building's courtyard & the lawn. Out front was a big poster in honor of Tristan Anderson, the American recently injured by an Israeli tear-gas canister. Also hard to miss was the young guy sitting in the courtyard, chatting amiably with his friends while skinning a raccoon in his lap.

I perused the book stalls & art displays inside, & it was funny to come across a copy of The Complete Peanuts among books about unions, Marxism & Third World exploitation.

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