Saturday, March 03, 2012

San Francisco History Expo 2012

SF History Expo 2012, 03.03.2012 The action at the SF History Expo in the Old Mint.This afternoon I briefly checked out the San Francisco History Expo, going on this weekend at the Old Mint. The main draw for me was a chance to get inside that historic building, which the SF Historical Society plans to turn into a museum. Rooms on the 1st floor were crowded with volunteers representing dozens of local organizations, from neighborhood historical societies to the Park Service to the Masons of California. The downstairs vaults were also open. The expo was busy. I saw a lot of great old photos of the City as well as people in historical costumes. I learned an embarrassing amount for someone who has lived here his whole life. I had no idea SF once had a Greek Town. I didn't know about our Railway Museum either. The 1st streetcar built for Muni still exists & is being refurbished for return to service this year.

§ San Francisco History Expo 2012
March 3-4, 2012
The Old Mint


y2k said...

Even I, as an occasional visitor to SF, know about the Railway Museum. We visited it on our last trip to the Bay Area.

I think locals are the worst "visitors" of our hometown. We always think we will visit this and that "some time" but next thing you know is that years have flown by and you still haven't done anything. I try my best to play tourist in my own city whenever I have time.

Axel Feldheim said...

Wow, so you've even been to the railway museum that I did not know existed until 2 days ago! I'm certainly guilty of being a bad tourist at home. I'm almost proud of the fact that I have never been to one of San Francisco's most popular & iconic tourist attractions.