Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Mechanics' InstituteThe Mechanics' Institute has an active writers group, & yesterday evening they held a panel discussion featuring one-person publishing companies. Most of the panelist have worked many years for traditional publishers but are now enthusiastically forging new publishing models on their own. Services they can provide include design of a good-looking cover, help getting an editor & promotion through their Web sites. Because distribution is through eBooks and print-on-demand, no ones cares about getting books into bookstores. Most of the attendees were writers & publicists with specific questions about pricing, royalties, ISBNs, getting reviews & authors' rights.

The Mechanics' Institute's meeting room was too small for the 60 or so people that squeezed in for this free event. I sat next next to an elderly gentlemen who was intently reading the New York Times. As soon as the meeting started, he put his paper away, lowered his head & went to sleep.

§ Nano-Presses: Publishing your book in the 21st Century
Mechanics' Institute Self Publication Working Group

Paula Hendricks
April Eberhardt
Carol Verburg
Andrew Haskins

Tuesday, March 22 2011, 6:00pm
Mechanics' Institute

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