Friday, May 04, 2012

SFIFF Wrap-up

SFIFF 55, 04.30.2012 Happy hour at the festival lounge of the San Francisco International Film Festival.The 55th San Francisco International Film Festival finished up last night. Though I did not make it to some of the bigger events, my festival experience looked like this:

Films: 14
Q & A's: 9
Times I had a free seat next to me: 1
Ballots submitted: 10
Parties: 2
Happy hours beers: 3
Complimentary glasses of red wine: 2
Tweets: 21

SFIFF 55, 04.30.2012 The complete San Francisco International Film Festival calendar at a glance. Red dots indicate sold out screenings. Take in festival lounge.The multiple lines at the Kabuki could be confusing, & I always had to ask someone if I was in the right place. I was impressed by the unfailingly patient & appreciative audiences. It may be that all those volunteers in yellow t-shirts were really running the festival. And of course even that guy behind the bar in the festival lounge turned out to be a film producer.

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