Monday, May 14, 2012

How Weird Street Fair

How Weird Street Fair, 05.13.2012 Part of the costumed crowd at How Weird Street Fair.Last month someone told me about the How Weird Street Fair, accurately describing it as a congregation of artsy, Burning Man types. On Sunday afternoon it spread out in 4 directions from the intersection of Howard & 2nd. It was the attendees themselves that supplied the weird, a good proportion of them showing up in impressively elaborate & well thought-out costumes. & if you didn't arrive in costume, there were plenty of funky clothing vendors to help make you look interesting.

How Weird Street Fair, 05.13.2012 Dancer atop speakers at How Weird Street Fair.I might have lingered, but huge speakers surrounding the fair blasted the streets with a powerful electronic thumping that sounded like an earthquake, amplified. It rattled my internal organs & deafened me, though it did inspire primal dancing in others. The $10 donation seemed excessive, as did the security screening, since the crowd was very well-behaved despite the party-like atmosphere. As I waited to enter, someone handed me a free sample of chocolate milk & another person offered me a skinny can of lite beer.

§ How Weird 2012
Sunday May 13th from Noon to 8pm
Howard & 2nd Streets, Downtown San Francisco


Coop4Music said...

If you aren't into electronic dance music, this definitely isn't the festival for you. It is, however, one of my favorites of the year.

You're right, the crowd is very well behaved though. The only bad thing I saw all day was one dude passed out from too much of something. SF is full of professional party people ;)

2012 pics here!

Axel Feldheim said...

The fair had a very friendly vibe, so I do wish I could have braved it out longer. Thanks for the link to more pics. Those are great! I totally saw the guy wearing yellow hazard tape while I was there.