Thursday, May 17, 2012

Phantoms of Asia

Asian Phantoms Media Preview Wednesday morning the Asian Art Museum held a media preview for its Phantoms of Asia exhibit, a large show featuring contemporary works by 31 artists. The event began at the giant red lotus in Civic Center Plaza, where about a dozen of the artists posed for their class picture.
Asian Phantoms Media PreviewWe were instructed to stand by for an address by Mayor Ed Lee, who arrived after a chilly, half-hour wait. He was proceeded by a fellow making his way leisurely through the plaza while expressing his political discontent into a megaphone.
Asian Phantoms Media Preview Back inside the museum, curator Mami Kataoka led a tour of exhibit, with the artists themselves each speaking a few words in front of their own pieces.
Asian Phantoms, 05.16.2012 Installation by Sun K. Kwak at Asian Art Museum for Phantoms of Asia show.There are over 60 works, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations & videos. Many of the works have a strong conceptual element that is present but unseen. Sun K. Kwak's installation of a filigree of black masking tape might trace the North Court's qi.

Phantoms of AsiaThe curator has purposefully interspersed these contemporary works among the museum's traditional objects on all 3 floors, so that a walk through the show is also a tour of the comprehensive permanent collection.

§ Phantoms of Asia: Contemporary Awakens the Past
Asian Art Museum
May 18–September 2, 2012     

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