Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Fourth of July

The afternoon of the Fourth of July, I took a stroll along the Marina Green, which resembled a modern American version of La Grande Jatte.

Besides the expected picnickers & kite-flyers, I saw games of croquet & lawn bowling.

Several groups of people were settled in for the day, in what resembled homeless encampments.

The America's Cup Village now occupies the west end of the Green, though it was mainly places to buy schwag...

... a deserted outdoor lounge ...

... & a lonely video screen.

Though I have to admit that this Nespresso coffee bar, apparently made from shipping containers, is pretty slick. Nespresso drinks start at a ludicrous $4.50.

The real action was in the park above Fort Mason, though this huge gathering of young people seemed vaguely sinister.

Last year revelers left piles of trash 5 feet high, so park rangers were on hand to enforce a ban on kegs, bbq grills, & glass bottles.

I returned at night for the fireworks show. The view from Aquatic Park was terrific, the fireworks exploding directly overhead.

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