Sunday, October 09, 2011

Fleet Week 2011

Fleet WeekFleet Week festivities have been unavoidable for those of us in the Marina. The Blue Angels started rattling windows on Thursday. Besides the airshow, there was a fair on the Marina Green with plenty of family-friendly fun, like these over-sized military vehicles that are like giant toy trucks.

Fleet WeekNot sure what this inflatable Marine figure was all about. Navy representatives gave me a free "Property of U.S. Navy" T-shirt, though. Oracle had a presence too. It sponsors one of the stunt planes & has its own big guest tent.

Fleet WeekThis was part of an inflatable obstacle course for kids to run, slide, crawl, climb & squeeze through.
Overcrowded 22-FillmoreThe crowds rendered Muni unusable, & I was nearly trapped in the neighborhood on Saturday night. To get to a performance at the Opera House, I resorted to walking the whole way. During the half hour I walked on Van Ness from Union Street to McAllister, not one Muni bus passed me.


John Marcher said...

That picture of the "tank" is pretty funny!

Axel Feldheim said...

I rather wish I had been there earlier to see them inflate the structure.