Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bachelor Days Are Over

This morning I got to see a preview of Katia Lewkowicz's Bachelor Days Are Over, the opening night film for the San Francisco Film Society's up-coming French Cinema Now. We incessantly follow an unnamed, but obviously cool, 30-something Parisian (Benjamin Biolay) though the 4 hectic days leading up to his wedding. He is defiantly passive in the face of stress-filled demands put upon him by his family, friends, fiancée & an attractive girl he has just met. The bride is unaccountably missing in action, & from the start the marriage looks like a bad idea. There is no real plot, so the interest lies in seeing the characters & relationships unfold. The situations are both frustrating & humorous, & I was kept in doubt as to whether the wedding would actually occur. The film's cool, light blue palette is attractive, & I liked the ensemble casts' convincingly naturalistic performances, especially Emmanuelle Devos as the permanently grimacing sister & Nicole Garcia as the excitable mother. Director Katia Lewkowicz is expected to attend the opening night.

§ Bachelor Days Are Over (Pourquoi Tu Pleures?)
Director: Katia Lewkowicz
France 2011, 99 min

October 27, 6:15 pm (Landmark's Embarcadero Center Cinema)
October 30, 9:00 pm (Film Society | New People Cinema)

§ French Cinema Now
October 27–November 2, 2011
SF Film Society | New People Cinema
Landmark's Embarcadero Center Cinema

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