Sunday, October 09, 2011

Erotic Comics

Dirty Comics ShowFriday night I attended the opening of an exhibit of erotic comics at the Center for Sex & Culture. About 40 artists are represented, each by an illustration or a page from a comic. The artworks are arrayed in a tightly-packed row across a long wall. Homosexuality seems to be the baseline, & things get more baroque from there. There are no labels on the wall, but there is a data sheet listing the artists. Still, I probably needed more context. One comic attempts to explain how one may be both asexual & bisexual. I had no idea how to react to Rick Worley's story featuring a cartoony, marshmallow-shaped bunny rabbit & his twink sex partner. Later in the evening I discovered I was talking with Mr. Worley, whose conversation encompassed the X-Files, Klingon dictionaries & love poems in Elvish.

The CSC threw a good party. There was wine & beer, & I was offered a fresh-tasting bruschetta appetizer from a circulating platter. People kept arriving throughout the event, & the atmosphere was very sociable. Most of the attendees were the artists & their friends, & I kept getting asked whether I was an artist, but, alas, I am not.

§ Dirty Comics: An exhibition of erotic comic art
Curated by Jon Macy
Opening Reception
Friday, October 07, 2011, 06:00pm - 09:00pm
Center for Sex and Culture

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