Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Exploding the Codex

Dolly; Karen Bleitz
Monday lunchtime I visited the San Francisco Center for the Book to see an exhibit of artists' books containing works by 40 artists in a wide variety of formats.

Colander Calendar; Ed Baskauskas
Some of the pieces are more like sculptures, such as this calendar created by enlarging the holes in a colander,

Sedimental, No. 2; Jody Alexander
or this chair, fitted with books embedded in linen & felt.

Ghost Diary; Maureen Cummins
This book, aptly named Ghost Diary, had text & photographs printed on plates of glass.

Five Luminous Towers; Carol Barton
All the objects have an appealing hand-crafted feel, & it was frustrating not to be able to handle any of them. There was no way to see the other pop-ups in this book about towers.

The SF Center for the Book hosts professional artists & offers lots of classes, so it's an active place. On my visit I saw paintings lying on the floor to dry,

& people sorting trays of woodblock type.

§ Exploding the Codex: The Theater of the Book
San Francisco Center for the Book
June 1-August 31, 2012

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