Monday, September 19, 2011

I Love You (We're F*#ked)

Sunday I caught shows in the last 2 time slots of the SF Fringe Festival. In his naughtily-titled one-man show, Kevin J Thornton told jokes, sang & shared snippets of his life & thoughts. We heard about high school lock-ins, the Mall of America, & why "Happiness is for fuckin' house cats." Mr. Thornton sang about a half dozen songs, accompanying himself on the guitar & harmonica. I especially like the growly voice he showed off in one song with a pounding accompaniment. The baggy-eyed Mr. Thornton has an endearing presence, & he seems almost too comfortable being onstage. I sometimes felt something formidable under his cheery exterior as well.

The performance had an obvious improvisational feel, & only toward the end did Mr. Thornton admit that this was not the advertised show. This is his 10th fringe festival this year, & he started out with a piece about a devastating break-up, but by now he has gotten tired of talking about it & is evolving his performance. It seems that at least 25% of the show was different from one that a friend saw on Saturday night. Fragments of the original survive in a raunchy bit involving comparisons of male anatomy & a story about the discovery of a boyfriend's secret on-line dating profile in which he describes himself as "honest." I would gladly see Mr. Thornton again in the original show.

§ I Love You, (We're F*#ked)
Kevin J Thornton
SF Fringe Festival 2011
Sunday 18 Sep 4:00 PM
Exit Stage Left

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