Monday, September 19, 2011

Elite Waste

Elite WasteThis installation was parked outside the Exit Theatre during the SF Fringe Festival. Gregory Kloehn has transformed a dumpster into a neat & compact living space. The deadpan Mr. Koehn & his female associate talked up the convenience of dumpster living as if they were selling used cars. I was asked what it would take to get me into one of these today. I got to sit inside & discover the toilet, which is hidden under a bench seat. There is also a shower, but it is attached to the outside of the dumpster, making privacy an issue. A chicken coop is on top. Keeping the chicken company was a woman in a Chinese dress performing some sort of ritual involving moving slowly, wafting a shawl around & blowing soap bubbles. Someone suggested that she was communing with the chicken.

§ Elite Waste
by Gregory Kloehn
SF Fringe Festival 2011
Somewhere on Eddy Street

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