Friday, December 31, 2010

Perfect Soup

Today's Wall Street Journal asked people in the arts & culture for their new year's resolutions. Local maestro Michael Tilson Thomas shared his goals ranging from test driving the New World Symphony campus to perfecting soup recipes:
On Jan. 25, the New World Symphony will be opening its new campus designed by Frank Gehry. This next year will be a real test drive. I'm hoping to lead a team exploring the use of technology to share music in personal ways. This will involve collaborating with composers, videographers, film makers, Web designers and music educators toward a common goal.

I would like to bring greater order and discipline to my techniques of cooking so I can more reliably create tasty improvisations. This past summer was the coldest and foggiest in memory on the West Coast and I perfected a number of soup recipes.
§ Cultural Resolutions
Arts & Entertainment | December 30, 2010
Wall Street Journal

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