Monday, September 06, 2010

SF Zine Fest 2010

September 4–5, 2010
County Fair Building, Golden Gate Park

30 Second StoryOn Saturday afternoon I was in Golden Gate Park for SF Zine Fest 2010. The event was small but busy. I saw no empty tables as I did last year, & I even met a couple of exhibitors from the UK. A few enterprising people were peddling food outside as well.

I could not pass up Map of Fog, an old-school zine of stories of living in San Francisco, beginning with the line "San Francisco is a city of nerds." Paper Dummy had a story that was ingeniously packaged inside a cassette tape case, but its creator annoyingly refused to reveal the sealed contents, & $20 was just too steep for me. I liked MilkAndTea's The Kitchen, a book inspired by craigslist postings from restaurant workers, the quotes cleverly formatted as menus. This brief book is spare, thoughtful & bold, & it has nothing good to say about the food service industry.

Even though he has written his last zine, John Marr was tabling, in the hopes of unloading his remaining stock of Murder Can Be Fun. I felt lucky to get the last copy of Robert Kirby's new anthology, Three, from the hands of Joey Alison Sayers, a contributor to the issue. Void Where Prohibited sat at a portable manual typewriter on which he offered to write a 30-second story for 25¢. Before starting, he asked me for a name or a situation. I said "Axel", & that was all he needed to hammer out this story:


Anonymous said...

Hey man, thanks for the review!

It was fun meeting you and wriiting your story. And I had "Paradise City" running through my mind for the rest of the day. So, thanks for that, too!


Axel Feldheim said...

I have been accused of having an undue interest in bears, so it was a bit shocking that a bear appeared in my story without any prompting. I sometimes believe I live in a Paradise City myself.