Saturday, September 25, 2010

Central Market Arts Preview

Straight from the SF Symphony's noon concert, I took the 14-Mission to Mint Plaza, where a free dance program was underway. Mint Plaza is this unlikely corridor around the Old Mint building, on one of the seediest blocks in the area. It feels set apart from the surrounding streets. There are a couple of fancy restaurants & the laboratory-like Mint Plaza Cafe.

A couple of young woman were at the entrance, waving giant we're-number-one gloves to attract attention into the plaza. I saw dances from Robert Moses Kin, KUNST-STOFF & LEVYdance. There was quite a bit of down time between dances as technicians fiddled with the sound system. During one of the pieces, a woman, perhaps from the neighborhood, sat herself close to the stage & did shoulder stands & kicked her legs in the air. Cops kept a close eye on her after that.

This afternoon's program was a preview event for 24 Days of Central Market Arts, a schedule of performances & art shows in the area. Free performances will be taking place in Mint Plaza all weekend.

24 Days of Central Market Arts
Sneak Peek
Friday, September 24 1-2 pm
Mint Plaza
(Fifth Street between Market & Mission Streets)

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