Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sunday Streets in Dogpatch

Sunday Streets Dogpatch
This month's Sunday Streets, in which main thoroughfares are closed to car traffic, was in the Bayview/Dogpatch neighborhoods, an area I'm not that familiar with. It was the least crowded Sunday Streets I've been to.

Though the closure stretched from China Basin to the Bayview Opera House, I hung around the nexus of 3rd & 22nd Streets. The area is already filling with hipster boutiques & eateries.

Sunday Streets Dogpatch
Many of the old buildings look like survivals from the 1800s.

Sunday Streets Dogpatch
Bands dotted the area, & local businesses were open. Fortunately street vendors were nearly non-existent.

Workshop Residence
I discovered The Workshop Residence, which provides a studio, storefront, & living quarters for artisans on a rotating basis. This afternoon, women were weaving straw baskets at the back.

Museum of Craft and Design
The Museum of Craft and Design has moved into a high-ceilinged space on 3rd Street.

Museum of Craft and Design
Arline Fisch made these translucent aquatic creatures by knitting thin wires. The museum's display really looks like an aquarium.

Rock Climbing Wall
Next door was rock climbing.

Sunday Streets Dogpatch
And across the way, members of the local gym boxed in the streets.

§ Sunday Streets
6/9/2013 11am - 4pm

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