Saturday, February 25, 2012

3020 Laguna Street in Exitum

3020 Laguna Street in Exitum
A single-family dwelling off Union Street currently houses a Highlight Gallery Project Space, in which 9 artists have created installations prior to the building being demolished. Chris Fraser replaced the front windows with shutter-like slats which project slivers of light onto the white-washed walls & floor.

3020 Laguna Street in Exitum
Andy Vogt sliced through the dining room, leaving a neat, diagonal trench that drops straight to the outside of the building.

3020 Laguna Street in Exitum, 02.25.2012 Keg in backyard of Highlight Gallery Project space at 3020 Laguna Street.I saw a steady stream of youngish visitors on Saturday afternoon. There was a keg in the backyard, & some of the artists were present. The atmosphere was a cross between an open house & a neighborhood barbeque.

§ 3020 Laguna Street in Exitum
Highlight Gallery Project Space
Jan 28 - Feb 28 2012


Civic Center said...

Love Andy Vogt's work, and the event sounds beyond hipster. Congratulations on being the Man Who Is Everywhere.

Axel Feldheim said...

sfmike: Sometimes I think you're reading my first drafts. I tried very hard to avoid the word "hipster" in this post.

One of the things I liked about Andy Vogt's installation is how unsafe it feels. Almost everyone hopped over the trench to cross the room, even though I'm sure it's securely constructed.