Thursday, February 09, 2012

Brian Barneclo at CounterPULSE

Brian Barneclo at CounterPULSE, 02.08.2012 Brian Barneclo giving slideshow talk at CounterPULSE.On Wednesday night, as part of Shaping SF's Art & Politcs series, artist Brian Barneclo gave an illustrated talk about his mural projects. The nearly 2 hour event was attended by a patient audience of about 15 & was recorded as a podcast. Mr. Barneclo is a super friendly guy who still talks like the suburban Indiana skateboarder he once was, with lots of "you know"s & an ambling manner. After studying painting in college, he ended up in San Francisco & got a job painting commercial signage, which is how he "got his chops." His sign painting background is evident in the lettering that appears in many of his murals. Mr. Barneclo talked us through pictures of his murals located in private homes, public spaces, skateboard parks, & even Nopa restaurant & Mauna Loa, a neighborhood bar in the Marina.

His latest public work is the 600 foot Systems Mural Project by CalTrain. It took 2 years to get permission & funding & then 2 weeks to actually paint. He said he's a different person now because of all the things he got involved in to complete it. The project cost included $17,000 for him to receive training & certification as a CalTrain worker, since he had to paint while inside the trainyard. His public projects also require huge insurance costs, though even he is unsure  what the liabilities are. I was delighted to learn that Mr. Barneclo improvised the happy little procession at the bottom of the Systems Mural on the last day. He has his "favorite strokes" when painting & feels that when he is having fun, that feeling transfers itself to the painting. SFMike has documented the joyful creation of 2 public murals by Barneclo, including the Systems Mural.

§ Shaping SF
Art & Politics: Brian Barneclo
February 8 at 7:30 p.m. CounterPULSE


Civic Center said...

"Mr. Barneclo is a super friendly guy who still talks like the suburban Indiana skateboarder he once was..." pretty much sums up his affect. I went to an art show about seven years ago at 17th & Mission that was silly and pretentious, then walked down the hall, and stumbled into Brian's first solo painting exhibit and was charmed and amazed. I even bought a painting at that exhibit, something rare for a poor dude like me.

So glad you made it to this event. I was Gatsbying, otherwise I would have been there.

Axel Feldheim said...

I figured you were busy working Jay's party! And how cool that you own an original Barneclo. I have you to thank for introducing me to his art, & I'm glad I covered this. I might even have to step foot inside Mauna Loa, now that I know they have one of his murals!