Saturday, May 21, 2011

Set-up Day at Maker Faire

This weekend I'm helping out a friend who is a first-time exhibitor at the Maker Faire in San Mateo. We spent Friday afternoon setting up the booth area, though my friend is quite dismayed that we have a structural column right in front of it, making it awkward for people to notice what's going on. Our neighbors are a precocious school boy with his computer-controlled nerf gun & a 2nd-hand book seller with a tall, rickety bookcase.

Maker Faire Sculpture
This enormous sculpture is one of many amazing constructions at the Faire. It was last shown at Burning Man in 2006, & it's an impressive & frightening thing. People can actually make it rotate by pulling on ropes suspended from those huge stones. Someone told me they saw people standing on the stones earlier in the day.

Maker Faire Paella Pan
In the evening we were treated to a paella dinner prepared in this gigantic pan. Everyone waiting in line seemed to be Burning Man veterans. A friendly fellow with scary contact lenses let me try on his steampunk hat, complete with goggles. I ran into a woman I take yoga classes with & discovered that she designs wearable computers.

Maker Faire Paella
The paella was both beautiful & tasty.

I hate driving, & getting to & from the event center did not encourage me. I turned off the freeway too early & made an unplanned excursion around the perimeter of the fair grounds. At the end of the day the car wouldn't start, & we had to wait for AAA to jumpstart me in the parking lot at 10pm.

§ Maker Faire Bay Area
San Mateo County Event Center
May 21 & 22
Saturday 10am - 8pm • Sunday 10am - 6pm


sfmike said...

Oh, dear. An AAA jump-start at a do-it-yourself Faire. I am so ashamed for you.

I think that was Gerard's Paella you were eating and it looks like Gerard is in your photo. Here's a link to some paella party photos I took once:

Axel Feldheim said...

Yes, I only needed jumper cables, but all people had were flame throwers & Arduinos.

Yes, that must be the same folks who catered your paella party. It's a really impressive gig! There are all sorts of adjustments that have to be made to that giant pan during cooking to keep it from warping. Apparently they hate to make salad, even though they were forced to do so for us the other night.