Sunday, May 22, 2011

Maker Faire Day 2

Maker FaireOn the 2nd day of being in my friend's geeky booth at the Maker Faire, the onslaught of curious visitors continued. If anything, people were even more intensely interested in the technical details of wireless sensors. I could discuss the project in general terms, but I think my real job was to make sure no one ripped-off the booth. It was only toward the end of the afternoon that I broke away to see more of the fair, but by this time my ability to absorb new information had really slowed.

I caught part of the raucous Tesla coil show & saw a man play the electric guitar while his chain mail suit conducted 1 million volts. In the same hall I admired Ken Murphy's meditative video installation A History of the Sky. It combines 360 time lapse videos of the daytime sky into 1 view. Its visualization of the winter solstice is sublime.

Maker Faire exhibits often walk a fine line between unique personal projects & out-right commercial enterprises. 2 young gents in old-timey outfits showed-off ties made of reclaimed wood & sold-out of them at the show.

Maker FaireThis skinny, faceless, androgynous being wandered the festival on both days. I caught him Sunday afternoon seeming to have fun learning to hula hoop. The steampunks had their own little outdoor neighborhood. Why do complete strangers seem to think that I am in want of a hat? A charming gentleman in a motorcycle jacket insisted that I try on merchandise from the Steampunk Hatter along with him. I did learn that my hat size is XL, meaning, I suppose, that I am quantifiably a fat head.

§ Maker Faire
Bay Area, May 21 & 22
San Mateo County Event Center
Saturday 10am - 8pm • Sunday 10am - 6pm


Anonymous said...

Haha, I recall finding this post quite a while back. What a great summary of Maker Faire. It's a fantastic blog all around, and look forward to keeping up with it.

-"The skinny, faceless, androgynous being"

Axel Feldheim said...

Thanks reading, "being"! Maybe I'll spot you again at the faire this year.