Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Future

The Future, a film by artist Miranda July, tells the story of two po-faced hipsters (Hamish Linklater & Ms. July) in suburban LA during their month-long wait to adopt an injured cat from an animal shelter. A banal chain of events leads the couple apart. Blatantly hallucinatory images creep in, & the film gradually takes on a surreal, vaguely nightmarish, shape. At times I felt I was watching a piece of performance art. David Warshofsky is unpleasantly convincing as a middle-aged, sleazy sugar-daddy. Joe Putterlik, as an advertiser from PennySaver classifieds, is so authentic that you know without being told that he's a real person Ms. July stumbled upon & then cast. Besides writing, directing & starring, Ms. July also supplies the puppet-like voice of the cat awaiting adoption.

The Future will be screened at the San Francisco International Film Festival Saturday, April 23 & Sunday, April 24.

§ The Future
director, Miranda July
Germany/USA, 2011, 91 min


Phoenix music downloads for mp3 players said...

If the everyday people become actors/actresses, what will happen to the actual actors and actresses? They will take the jobs of the regular people who took their job. (lol) I doubt that very much,

Axel Feldheim said...

Well, actors are chronically unemployed anyway, aren't they?

According to the press materials, Ms. July found Mr. Putterlik while doing a different project about PennySaver. She then got the idea to include all the PennySaver people in the movie, but "Joe was the only one who passed the screen test."