Friday, January 28, 2011

MacWorld 2011

MacWorld 2011This morning I visited the MacWorld Expo at Moscone Center West. Though the show is much smaller than it used to be, it was crowded. I suppose they should call it "iWorld" nowadays, since it is mostly accessories for iPhones & iPads. I came across at least 3 vendors hawking a strap attachment that allows you to hold the iPad in your open palm like a mitt. I saw one exhibitor demonstrate his iPad app using a stylus with ends like a felt-tip pen. This seems like such an obvious accessory, but that was the only time I saw anyone use a stylus at the show.

This is not the kind of show with a lot of booth babes, but the outdoorsy-looking employees in the DryCASE booth showing us how to vacuum-pack our iPhones are rather good-looking. One could have one's picture taken with an Elvis impersonator at the codeweaver booth. At another booth, one could see the unhappy, charred remains of an iMac that was well-cooked by a major fire. Its mouse had melted into a blob resembling pancake batter. I was surprised to see whole families attending the expo, including babies & screaming children. There was even a panel discussion on parenting in the age of the Internet.

§ MacWorld 2011
January 26 - 29
Moscone Center, West Hall

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