Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ein Praktikant fürs Leben

This afternoon I was back at the Castro Theatre for more German Gems. Ein Praktikant fürs Leben (Intern for Life) is a made-for-tv movie that was designed to fill a slot for films that are both entertaining & have a social message. It is a plot-driven romantic comedy about a corporate intern whose efforts to please his executive boss draw him into increasingly desperate situations. His duties include covering for the boss's extramarital affair, then spiral out of control when he falls for an attractive receptionist who turns out to be the boss's mistress. The film knowingly combines elements of drama, farce, social satire & slapstick. I liked a moment near the end when the story toys with both the evil boss & the audience by presenting a rather suspicious plate of sushi. The film is made very enjoyable by the sharp performance of Roman Knizka as the eager, likable & overly-compliant intern.

The director Ingo Rasper, all smiles, appeared after the screening to talk with Festival Coordinator Ingrid Eggers & answer questions from the audience. We learned that "Generation Praktikum" is a real social phenomenon in Germany in which college graduates in their 30s accept low- or non- paying corporate jobs, saving companies from the expense of hiring full-time employees. Many in the audience praised Mr. Rasper's previous movie, Fashion Victims.

§ Ein Praktikant fürs Leben (Intern for Life)
Dir. Ingo Rasper

German Gems
A Weekend of New German Cinema
Saturday, January 15, 4:30 pm
Castro Theatres

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