Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Daniel Pink: To Sell is Human

Monday night I heard Daniel Pink talk about his new book To Sell is Human to an audience at the Jewish Community Center of SF.  He argues that we all do sales, & in the book he applies the latest social science research ("Studies show...") to the modern sales environment in which the traditional information imbalance between sellers & buyers no longer exists. Mr. Pink is an assiduous & entertaining speaker, & he makes a real effort to interact with his audience. His hour-long talk combined corporate training, self-help & stand-up comedy. He proudly showed us a word cloud demonstrating that people associate selling with "pushy." 3 audience volunteers drew the letter E on their own foreheads to illustrate the concept of Attunement. We learned that ambiverts are more successful salespeople than extreme extroverts or introverts & that problem finders are more valuable than problem solvers.

Daniel Pink, 01.14.2013 Daniel Pink signing To Sell is Human at the SF Jewish Community Center.In the Q & A, a woman asked Mr. Pink if he uses his techniques on his children. The man sitting next to me asked how he can better promote his concerts. Cookies were offered to attendees in the lobby afterward, while Mr. Pink signed books.

§ Daniel H. Pink
To Sell is Human

Jewish Community Center of San Francisco
Monday, Jan 14, 7:00 pm

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