Friday, August 24, 2012

Americas Cup

Americas Cup 2012
Yesterday afternoon I viewed the Americas Cup from the Marina Green. The race course is very close to the land, so I could view the action onboard with even my weak pair of binoculars. The boats often look close to colliding. I saw a match-up between an Italian team & a USA team & then a fleet race involving all 11 teams. Naturally, the Oracle-sponsored USA team dominated both races. Live commentary is broadcast to the crowd, & we were urged to cheer for the Americans.

Americas Cup 2012
There's a viewing stand with paid seating, but otherwise the event is entirely free.

Americas Cup 2012
A large video screen offered close-up views of the race, including views from cameras on the boats.

Americans Cup 2012
The "AC Village" set up on the Marina Green has concessions & some child-friendly activities. There's a beer garden as well as this Moët & Chandon tent.

Americas Cup 2012
Thursday was the event's Youth Day, & a fleet of small sailboats manned by junior sailors circled like sharks just off the Marina Green. The crowd witnessed 2 incidents of capsizing & applauded when the boats were righted. Races continue through Sunday.

§ Americas Cup World Series 2012
August 21 - 26
Marina Green


Michael Strickland said...

Lovely account and pics, but is it really more exciting than watching paint dry, or less? That's what I want to know.

Axel Feldheim said...

I don't know anything about sailing, so when I'm there I'm just watching very fancy boats go back and forth with sailors hanging off the hulls. For people into sailing, I would assume that the race's proximity to the shore is exciting, though.