Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rhythm & Motion Student Showcase

Rhythm and Motion, 12.10.2011 Curtain call at student dance recital for Rhythm & Motion.At Thanksgiving dinner I discovered that 2 of my cousins were taking dance classes & would be performing in a public program this month. Of course I wanted to see this, but at 1st they wouldn't tell me when or where. Fortunately I did get to see them over the weekend in a dance recital by students taking classes at Rhythm & Motion at ODC Commons. The 70 minute program had 8 numbers, ranging from belly dancing to hip hop. All the dancers were clearly having a ridiculous amount of fun, & the audience of friends & family was just as excited. I don't think I've ever seen my relations moving quite that fast or looking quite that gleeful before. Demand was so high for this event that they performed in 4 shows in 2 days & joked that they needed a union. Before the show I texted "Break a leg" but was apprised that "Merde" is the correct thing to say to dancers.

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