Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Schubert's Birthday with Classical Revolution

Revolution CafeI was invited separately by 2 friends to join them this Monday evening at Revolution Cafe, where Classical Revolution, the scrappy weekly chamber music party, would be celebrating Schubert's birthday. However, both of them bailed on me at the last minute. I showed up anyway & settled into a Guinness just as the 1st performer began playing a Schubert piano sonata. The atmosphere is by design an unintimidating mix of classical music, alcohol & sociability. The place gets packed, & people crowd around the musicians close enough to read their music. During the 90 minutes I was there around 10 musicians came & went, performing Schubert piano works, songs & a string quartet. I enjoyed hearing the clarinet in The Shepherd on the Rock. The performers for the most part look like young conservatory students. Some performances were well-prepared, though the string quartet was clearly having fun just reading together. The violist had a disconcerting ability to cross & uncross his legs while playing.

As it turned out, I knew one of the musicians who turned up to play, & so I was able to have a nice chat as we waited for his turn. Bar noises, conversations, street noise & smokey odors are all part of the scene, so I was shocked when a man sitting at a laptop next to us told us we were talking too loud for him to hear the music. I've never been sushed at Davies Hall, but I guess I better watch my behavior when hanging out at Classical Revolution.

§ Classical Revolution
Schubert Birthday Bash at Revolution Cafe
Monday, January 31 · 7:00pm - 11:00pm


Stephanie Dodaro said...

Remember to send me your bar tab...

Axel Feldheim said...

Don't worry, you'll pay one way or another.