Thursday, February 24, 2011

Publicity Spill

Brochure AvalancheWhile trying to clean up my apartment earlier this week, I knocked over my folder of performing arts brochures, resulting in this avalanche. The actual stack of papers is at least 3 inches high, it's mostly stuff for San Francisco only, & I cull it regularly. But no doubt many of you out there have more impressive archives.


David Lasson said...

Well, this state of affairs suggests that although many arts sites have very snazzy web sites indeed, they haven't cut back appreciably on their printed propaganda. Do they assume that going green means nothing to the arts-supporting public?
Of course, in this HD age, with classical artists having achieved an all-time high attractiveness quotient, what organization wouldn't want to exploit--in every way possible--their roster of beautiful faces and fine figures? And I do confess that collecting the mail and finding Anna Netrebko gazing out at me from a glossy brochure seems worth a few twigs of the Rainforest.

Axel Feldheim said...

I like & prefer paper. Green or not, I find that these pieces of paper are better reminders to me than scrolling through emails.