Sunday, February 14, 2010

Macworld 2010

iPod,sculpture,MacWorld2010On Friday I did a fast tour of the Macworld 2010 expo at Moscone Center. With Apple no longer attending, it was much smaller than in previous years. & it was as if the iPad did not even exist. The most visible vendors sold accessories for the iPhone, iPods & MacBooks or offered computing services that were not necessarily Mac-specific. Among the objects of desire on display were brightly colored portable batteries from HyperMac that are irresistible to handle & look like 21st century versions of cigarette cases & lighters. From the Bone Collection were ridiculously cute USB flash drives shaped like cartoon animals. The pandas sold out at the show. I love their tag line, “BONE makes you different”. In the Wiley booth, the stetson-wearing Andy Ihnatko was impossible to ignore. He was a funny & uninhibited pitchman for his book iPhone Fully Loaded & made me want to buy his book even though I don't have an iPhone.

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