Sunday, April 12, 2009

Edward Hopper & Company

On Saturday afternoon, I navigated through heavy crowds in Union Square to see the show Edward Hopper & Company at the Fraenkel Gallery. Hopper is represented by 3 minor but meticulous paintings, plus watercolors & preparatory drawings. These are matched with photographs by other artists, largely from the 1950s & 1960s, which relate to the Hopper works in imagery & mood. The curator's thesis is that Hopper's paintings had a direct influence on the photographers. This point may not be proven, but the show is highly selective & has a pensive & dream-like air of loneliness & neglect. I especially liked the 3 Diane Arbus prints, all showing people in settings of isolation.

I always like peeking into the gallery's administrative offices & wondering if I will ever be cultured, sophisticated & discerning enough to work in such a place. I did glimpse the eponymous Jeffrey Fraenkel, who happened to be on his way out during my visit.

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