Monday, April 06, 2009

Contemporary Composers

Kevin PutsIn the past month I've had the opportunity of close encounters with several contemporary composers, all gladly making themselves accessible & wishing to write music that appeals to audiences & performers. Shawn Crouch & Mason Bates were present at the Chanticleer performance of their works. John Adams talked about his career at the JCC. Jake Heggie was recently an affable guest of the Opera Standees Association. Kevin Puts hung out conspicuously during the intermission of the Cypress String Quartet's Call & Response program. Perhaps the huge gap that opened between composers & audiences in the 20th century is rapidly closing in the 21st, with the composers taking the 1st steps to reconcile with audiences. We may have to admit that music of the 2nd Viennese School & the post-war avant-garde has been a failure with the concert-going public.

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