Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bay Area National Dance Week

04.24.2009 Conga line at Union SquareOK, so this is not a timely post, but for the sake of completeness I should report that I just happened to be passing through Union Square at noon on April 24th, & I caught the Kick-Off Event for the Bay Area National Dance Week, a week of free community dance events. The program showcased variety & ranged from Lick students to a professional company performing a piece involving an unexpectedly acrobatic dancer in a wheelchair. The event ended with the scantily-clad Queen of Carnivale teaching the crowd a few dance moves then leading a conga line around Union Square. There didn't seem to be many takers, though there were plenty of photographers hanging around.

There is a also a series of daytime events in Union Square this month under the commercial-sounding rubric of Jewels in the Square.

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