Saturday, April 10, 2010

Musical Blimp

Prior to Thursday night's performance of Orlando, I was briefed about a recent concert involving a remote-controlled blimp that flew over the audience. My correspondent reported that the effect was moving, yet not in a funny way, as one might expect. The piece was also synchronized to a component broadcast on KUSF. I am so sorry to have missed this spectacle. It was part of a new music marathon at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music on this past Easter Sunday.

After making a passing reference to SF Conservatory faculty member Axel Strauss, my correspondent also admitted that the name "Axel" had now been ruined for him by this blog.


Stephen Smoliar said...

As far as I can tell, I was the only one to take the time and effort to cover that marathon at the Conservatory; and I regret that I only had the stamina to cover the
first half
! For the record the blimp appeared in the performance one of Luciano Chessa's "Inkless Imagination" compositions. (This one was his fourth; the fifth was performed
last September
at an sfSoundGroup concert.) I think it is important to note that the event was entirely student-organized. The Conservatory provided the facilities, but the whole affair was the result of student initiative and production skills.

Axel Feldheim said...

Thank you for providing an attribution for the piece & for writing an eye-witness account of the proceedings. I hear that one of the concepts for that piece was that the blimp would fly out the open theater doors with the audience following, but this was judged to be infeasible.