Monday, August 31, 2009

Live from the Proms, Sort Of

Lisa Hirsch reports that the Elmwood Cinema in Berkeley will present a live HD broadcast of the Last Night of the Proms -- except it's happening a week after the actual event. & it costs $18 plus reservation fee. I think I've been doing much better listening to the concerts on-line. Too bad the video stream seems to blocked outside the UK. My favorite so far: Prom 33, featuring multiple pianos in works by Antheil, Adams, Bartok & Stravinksy.


Patty said...

Wait ... if it's blocked outside the UK how are you managing to listen to it? I've been bummed because I can't listen .... :-(

Axel Feldheim said...

Patty: I can listen to the audio portion of all the Proms on-line, but they also seem to have a video feed as well, which I cannot see. I've had good luck using the on-line player from the BBC 3 Web site. You can listen to the concerts live as well as for up to a week after, at which point they disappear from the site.

To listen to BBC radio live, I also use the the Unofficial BBC Radio Widget by Phantom Gorilla.