Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cassandra C. Jones: Send Me a Link

Baer ridgeway exhibitionsCassandra C. Jones: Send Me a Link
Baer Ridgway Exhibitions
August 1st - September 5th

Yesterday afternoon I wandered into Baer Ridgway Exhibitions, under the shadow of SF MOMA, & found myself intrigued by this small show of works by Cassandra C. Jones. The imagery is photography-based, & the works are little visual games, incorporating digital technology at several levels. I loved the concept behind the Single Frame Animation videos, in which a photograph of a flock of birds is repeatedly repositioned to create a fluid animation of flight. Kind of hard to explain, but one gets the idea after watching the video for a bit. The nifty exhibition catalog recreates the trick as a flip book. Interestingly, the video works are packaged not on a DVD but as a physical device containing a hard drive & video output that one plugs into a monitor.

In the clever Lightning Drawings, a running squirrel & rabbit are outlined by overlapping found photographs of lighting. The gallery staffer told me that the artist considers these drawings, not collages, but I remained skeptical. I also liked the Fermata series, featuring photographs of leaping horses obtained on eBay. The put me in mind of Muybridge's fascinating animal motion studies.

If you drop into the gallery, be sure to check out the downstairs bookstore, where there is an awesome wolf head constructed out of corrugated cardboard & screws. I love the way the artist created fur by slashing the cardboard at an angle. Eerily, the wolf has a human ear. Unfortunately I don't know who made it. The young woman downstairs said she would put making a label for it on her to-do list.

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