Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Imposter's Daughter

This evening Laurie Sandell appeared at Books Inc. on Van Ness to talk about The Imposter's Daughter. It's a soul-baring memoir about her relationship with her father, who sounds like a cross between a con man & a psychopath. There were about 20 people in attendance, & I may have been the only person there who didn't already know the author personally. The event started half an hour late, after the delayed arrival of the author & much fiddling to get a projector working. As the memoir is in the form of a graphic novel, Ms. Sandell read from the narrative while she showed us the book's child-like illustrations. She also showed us unsettling cartoons she did as a child & played an audio clip of her father telling one of his highly suspect stories. Ms. Sandell appeared gratified to be talking about her book in front of an audience. During the Q & A, she revealed that her father is still alive, though they have been estranged since 2002. She also admitted that her family had reservations about the way she went public with this story.

It's nice to know that Books Inc. still has a fairly full calendar of events. Senator Barbara Boxer will be appearing tomorrow with her new novel.

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