Friday, August 30, 2013

Thinking Captions 2013

Justin Hall at the Cartoon Art Museum photo IMG_20130829_205235_zps2e073e24.jpgThursday night I was at the Cartoon Art Museum for Thinking Captions, a comics reading & kick-off event for the SF Zine Fest, taking place this weekend in Golden Gate Park. 5 zinesters presented slides & read to a lively audience of fans. The event was frequently interactive. Emily Alden Foster enlisted an audience member in a game that generates random ingredients for a soda & came up with a recipe combining soda water, brown sugar & electricity. Sophia Foster-Dimino's diagrammatic comics are elliptical stories that are completed in the mind of the reader. Roman Muradov planted a heckler in the audience to make his comics even more whimsical & surreal. Many marvelled at his skillful drawing, lettering & use of ink washes. Mr. Muradov is shy, bearded & bespectacled & looks a bit like a cartooon himself.

Bass Player at the Cartoon Art Museum photo IMG_20130829_202701_zpsb903c03c.jpgRic Carrasquillo shared a hip & irreverent story inspired by watching too many episodes of The West Wing. He narrated in an appropriately deadpan voice & was accompanied by a double bass player's smooth, pizzicato‎ improvisation. Justin Hall made sure there were no children in the audience before launching into his extremely silly mash-up of the myth of Orpheus, featuring Freddie Mercury as the Queen of Gaydes. Mr. Hall read the dialogue with flair but was booed mercilessly when he refused to sing the lyrics to "Can't help lovin' dat man of mine."

§ Thinking Captions 2013: Cartoonists Reading Their Cartoons
Emily Alden Foster
Sophia Foster-Dimino
Roman Muradov
Ric Carrasquillo
Justin Hall

Thursday, August 29th from 7pm to 9pm
Cartoon Art Museum

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