Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mehr Bayreuth

A few more pictures from Bayreuth to share. Besides Midget Wagners at the Festspielhaus, these life-size statues of appeared at various businesses around town,

..including the lobby of our hotel, where Wagner promoted a fortifying pre-performance Kaffee & Kuchen.

I saw a fair amount of Wagner kitsch, such as this window display of a swan & chocolate busts of Wagner.

Even restroom signs were Ring-related.

This beautiful dog was at the theater every performance.

At least a couple of optimistic Suche Karte people are outside the hall at every intermission, meaning they spend all afternoon there for the possibility of seeing just one act.

At the 1st intermission of Götterdämmerung I saw this fellow, who seemed awfully young for a Wagnerite.

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