Sunday, September 01, 2013

SF Zine Fest 2013

SF Zine Fest 2013 photo IMG_20130831_131208_zps96804423.jpgSaturday afternoon I checked out the zines, books, comics & art at the SF Zine Fest in Golden Gate Park this weekend. The artistic level is high. I was impressed by Nikki Thompson's finely crafted artists' books, especially her booklets made from a single folded sheet of paper. Andy Warner's bold red print of an elephant cavorting with rabbits demanded to be looked at.  I also saw a lot of cute stationery.

SF Zine Fest 2013 photo IMG_20130831_121926_zpsc40de30f.jpgComics creator & phenomenon Justin Hall is one of this year's featured artists, & he was interviewed by Liz Mayorga about the breadth & diversity of his work. Mr. Hall's comments somehow ranged from bara manga to Nabokov. The audience was particularly intrigued when he said he is working on a graphic novel set in the Armory Studios of

I've been going to Zine Fest regularly, & it's been fun getting to know some of my favorite zinesters. I was both alarmed & flattered when Jason Martin informed me that I make a cameo appearance in his story for a comics anthology that will debut at SPX. Apparently I have achieved immortality through comics.

§ San Francisco Zine Fest
Aug 31st + Sept 1st 2013

San Francisco County Fair Building
1199 9th Ave and Lincoln Way
(in Golden Gate Park)

Free Admission!

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