Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair

Anarchist Book Fair photo IMG_20130317_122518_zpsa6a9a3e1.jpgToday I visited the Anarchist Book Fair, which this year moved to the Armory building on Mission Street, due to the increasing expense of the usual Golden Gate Park venue. The fair is a gathering of grass roots political organizations,  pamphleteers, & independent publishers & book sellers. There were also plenty of t-shirts for sale. The vendors are a friendly & low-key bunch. I love that CrimethInc gave out flyers instructing us to how to request their books for libraries. 2 tracks of talks were scheduled for both days of the fair.

Anarchist Book Fair photo IMG_20130317_122847_zps77229df2.jpgThe high-ceilinged drill court of the Armory is an impressive space, though its vastness dwarfed the fair. It was a bit cold as well. Security personnel silently patrolled the event, one of them from the upper level, hinting eerily of the Panopticon.

§ Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair
March 16 – 17, 2013
The Armory Community Center

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