Monday, March 18, 2013

9 Hour Bach Marathon & Vulgar Bulgers

Image: © Matthias Baus
Not listening to enough Bach? The day after Easter, John Eliot Gardiner leads a 9 hour Bach Marathon at Royal Albert Hall, starting at 1p with the motet Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied & concluding with a 7:30p performance of the Mass in B Minor. Speakers & various instrumental soloists are also scheduled throughout the day.  It seems to be one ticket for the entire event.

Sir Gardiner discusses conducting Bach on a recent edition of Front Row on BBC Radio 4. He refers to period performers who swell notes as "vulgar bulgers."


Patrick J. Vaz said...

If a performing ensemble named The Vulgar Bulgers is not immediately formed, I will lose whatever faith I have in humanity.

Axel Feldheim said...

Yes! Specialists in inappropriate performances of early music on period instruments. A google search turns up "Vulgar Bulgars", but that's not at all the same thing.