Thursday, November 15, 2012

Real Vocal String Quartet at Rex Salon

Wednesday evening the Real Vocal String Quartet played an hour-long concert in the Salon at the Rex. Today they embark on an international tour, sponsored by the Department of State, to Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Bosnia & Lithuania, so the program featured their arrangements of folk songs from those countries. The quartet incorporates improvisation & elements from classical, jazz & world music. Their performance was toe-tapping & had a sense of fun. The musicians occasionally sing while playing, an effect I found disconcerting. Members of the quartet talked to the audience between pieces, & the atmosphere was sociable & informal.

Due to a melt-down in the Muni Metro, I arrived 5 minutes late & missed the 1st number. The show was well-attended, & SF Performances staff had to bring in more chairs for latecomers. Following the concert, the audience was invited to a reception in the same room. RVSQ has blogged about the event themselves.

§ Real Vocal String Quartet
Salon at the Rex

Irene Sazer, violin and voice
Alisa Rose, vioin and voice
Dina Maccabee, viola and voice
Jessica Ivry, cello and voice

Wednesday, November 14, 6:30pm
Hotel Rex

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