Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Noontime Concerts
Tuesday, November 24, 2009 at 12:30pm
Old St. Mary's Cathedral

Mariya Borozina, violin
Anna Kruger, viola
Thalia Moore, cello

Henry Purcell
Fantazias in Three Parts, Nos. 1-3, Z. 732-747

Franz Schubert
String Trio in B-flat Major, D. 471

Ludwig van Beethoven
String Trio No. 5 in C minor, Op. 9, No. 3

In her opening remarks, cellist Thalia Moore described this as a program of music by young men. Purcell & Schubert were 19 when they wrote their contributions, & Beethoven was 28. It was a pleasant selection. The trio played in an easy way, enjoying each moment as it came. This worked especially well for the Schubert. No particular instrument dominated. I liked violinist Mariya Borozina's smooth, gliding sound & the way it seemed to start out of nothing. If the goal was to provide a midday respite, the trio succeeded.

These concerts follow immediately after the noon mass at Old St. Mary's. The audience needs to wait in the vestibule until the service is over, at which point there is a slow push into the nave. A few members of the congregation remained praying in their pews through the start of the concert.

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