Friday, November 27, 2009

Coit Live

On my way home from Otello on Wednesday night, I took a detour through North Beach to check out the Coit Tower video projection. At first I had a hard time finding a fairly unobstructed view of the tower. I eventually found a good vantage point by walking up Greenwich. Unfortunately there is a lot of light pollution from street lamps & buildings, making the images hard to see. The projected images themselves are probably too detailed, complex, & multi-layered. I could not interpret most of them. Some people walking by me thought one of the pictures showed a girl with a dick in her mouth (Don't know how I could have missed that one). Also, I didn't have a radio, so I was also missing out on that aspect of the show. Still, it's a cool concept, & it is impressive that they figured out how to project imagines images on the fluted tower without distortion.


sfmike said...

You're featuring a poetic typo which I hope you'll keep: "they figured out how to project imagines"...

The idea sounded cool but I wondered how in the hell they were going to be able to match up huge projected images on a round surface. They couldn't have asked for a more serious outdoor projection challenge, particularly since they were supposedly showing archival, flat photographs rather than more forgiving abstract images.

I especially love that everybody but you saw a girl with a dick in her mouth as you stood on Greenwich.

Axel Feldheim said...

Well, I think they only way I will ever be poetic is through typos like that!

These guys totally solved the problem of image wrap beautifully. the projected images are really complicated, too complicated really. Besides the photographs there are archival movies & text, & it's all being collaged & animated & morphed.

When I overheard that comment, I was walking down the hill away from the tower while they were walking up. But I am quite sure they completely misread the image.