Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bay Area Maker Faire

Thursday afternoon I was at the San Mateo County Event Center with a friend who is exhibiting at Maker Faire over the weekend. This year the faire opens a day early, with an "Industry Day" preview on Friday afternoon.

It was nice to walk around & see some of the exhibits going up.

The faire breathes a free-wheeling, anarchic atmosphere which is naturally appealing to kids.

It attracts a lot of affluent families, & exhibitors are increasingly vendors & major corporations.

My friend attends as a hobbyist, demonstrating how to build networks of sensors that could be used for home automation. But very often people come up to this booth and just ask what he's selling. It makes me wonder if people have a hard time interacting with things that they can't buy.

§ Maker Faire Bay Area
Friday May 15, 2015   1p - 5p (Preview Day)
Saturday May 16, 2015   10a - 8p
Sunday May 17, 2015   10a - 6p
San Mateo Event Center

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