Sunday, June 05, 2011


GoteblüdSaturday afternoon, I found Goteblüd, a retail space devoted to vintage zines. It's in the same building as Mission Bicycle & the Paxton Gate toy shop, but you need to get buzzed in. As I stepped inside the building, Goteblüd's eager proprietor, Matt Wobensmith, appeared in the hall to greet me, as if I had been expected all day. I'd never seen so many zines in one place. I believe Mr. Wobensmith claimed he had 25,000 in the store plus more in storage. He is specifically interested in the pre-Web zine scene, which he calls the "Printernet." Since printed zines are ephemeral & have been replaced by personal blogs, they turn out to be rare. While most items are only a few dollars, I came across zines by artist Raymond Pettibon priced at $80, & this is apparently a relative bargain. I admired the brown shag carpet that completely covers one side of the room. I had once heard of an outrageously offensive zine based on the Peanuts, & Mr. Wobensmith confirmed that it exists & assured me that he would come up with a copy of it soon.

§ Goteblüd
766 Valencia
Open Saturdays & Sundays 12pm - 5pm

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