Sunday, October 24, 2010

Extreme WOW Suites at W

W San FranciscoOn Thursday evening I was invited to preview the renovated "Extreme WOW" suites on the 31st floor of the W San Francisco. We needed a special magnetic card just to get the elevator to take us to the top floor. Attendees were served appetizers & drinks in one of the suites, which are decorated in a style called "1930’s Shanghai Glam." The oriental touches include porcelain lions, a wall-sized reproduction of a Chinese painting, orange & blue silk couch pillows & a table inlaid with symbols from mahjong tiles (an actual mahjong set is available upon request).

W San FranciscoThe suite has 2 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms & is naturally much more spacious than most San Francisco apartments. I liked the variety of seating available in the main room. The panoramic views look out toward AT&T Park, Yerba Buena Park, the Financial District & the Bay Bridge. The "Fantastic Suites" are on the floors just below, so "WOW" is better than "Fantastic."

Bliss BagI was accompanied by a friend, who was glad that 2 of the suite's 3 huge HD TVs were tuned to the Giants v Phillies game, & he kept disappearing into the bedroom to check the score. My friend also observed that the frosted glass door of the guest bathroom does not entirely obscure the occupant. Later in the evening, he managed to get one of his friends into the suite. While good company, this fellow was not entirely well-behaved. He apparently tried to requisition my Bliss spa goody bag, finding it unattended.

fortune cookieThe hotel managers who attended the event were quite entertaining. All of them did a masterful job of not reacting when the caterer spilled a glass of champagne on the clean carpet. I learned that the curvaceous figure atop the hotel is named the Pneumatic Dreamer, & the general manager of the Bliss spa did a convincing impression of Justin Bieber. Plus I finally discovered how the giant frosted fortune cookie, hand-delivered by hotel staff, had made its way into my mail box the previous day.

§ “Extreme WOW” suites at W San Francisco
Thursday, October 21
6 – 8 p.m.


Civic Center said...

What PR list are you on, and how do I get on it too?

The Opera Tattler said...

This is impressive and also quite absurd.

Axel Feldheim said...

SFMIKE: The press contact said I was on a list for the Black & White Ball. I am not sure why I was asked to this event. No doubt the W regrets inviting me.

OT: That is praise indeed, coming from you!

y2k said...

Great report! I should start saving my pennies so I can stay here on my next visit.

Axel Feldheim said...

y2k: Glad you enjoyed it. Start saving indeed. I believe the rate is something like $1200 a night, but it is clearly worth every one of those pennies.