Tuesday, October 19, 2010

APE 2010

APE 2010I was at both days of the Alternative Press Expo this weekend, which has expanded significantly. Someone told me there were at least 50 more vendors than last year. There seemed to be a lot more illustration art, professionally printed books & stuff that I would file under "too many art schools." Almost the first thing I saw was a copy of Adam Levin's audacious 1,000+ page novel The Instructions, which is thicker than any book I've seen except for a dictionary.

Fortunately there are still plenty of scrappy characters around. As always, it was a treat to catch up with that phenomenon known as Justin Hall, who proudly gave me a peek at full-color pages of his up-coming Glamazonia collection. It was also fun to buy a copy of Phase 7 from Alec Longstreth, whose beard is much more impressive in person than in his drawings. The creator of Buttersafe practically jumped over his table to make sure I did not walk by without a copy of his comic. I enjoyed chatting with Neil Brideau, who works at Quimby's in Chicago. He is someone I need to start following.

I sought out Nick Mullins to pick up the latest installment of his intricate & freaky Carnivale story. There are at least 3 more parts to come, & I am trying to be patient. I also could not resist Reid Psaltis's creepy drawings of cryptids. Jakc Designs sold little smiling hamburgers & steamed jiaozi made of felt, whose cuteness can only be described as criminal.

Alternative Press Expo
October 16 - 17
Concourse Exhibition Center

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